July 14, 2007

A New Line of "Banner-Wear"??????

If you could only have seen my face when I first saw this picture over at Tony Reinke's "Shepherd Scrapbook" blog! Tony and his wife are expecting a new baby any day now, and here's what Tony recently wrote,
"No baby yet (due date was Tues.), but when that child arrives they will be garbed in Banner gear (my wife and I found transferable clothing stickers and printed off the Banner logo). Whether a girl or boy we do not know, but a Banner Baby most certainly!"
Hey Tony, are you suggesting we introduce a new line of baby fashion ... Banner-wear, perhaps? What do you say ... any orders? HA! I may have to check in with Iain Murray on that one. But Tony, please do send me a picture of the little one when he or she first dons this one-of-a-kind Banner onesie and I will definitely post it for all to see (stay tuned)!
By the way, I am home from Atlanta, enjoying a beautiful Saturday morning sitting here with my wife on our front porch.
Grace & peace.