November 13, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review: Reformed Pastor, by Richard Baxter

BOOK REVIEWED: "Reformed Pastor," by Richard Baxter ... Note the new cover!
Derek Brown (from his blog)
"I’ve always been a dead-guy fan. Jonathan Edwards is probably my favorite, simply because his range of writings covers so much academic ground that it mirrors my interests (all over the place). Really, who writes an account on spiders? What a weirdo. Lately, at the behest of an Acts29 pastor in Florida (Chan Kilgore of Crosspointe Orlando), I’ve been reading Richard Baxter’s The Reformed Pastor (get it at Banner of Truth). Incredible stuff. Here’s an excerpt:

Who is able to talk of controversies, or of nice unnecessary points, or even of truths of a lower degree of necessity, how excellent soever, while he seeth a company of ignorant, carnal, miserable sinners before his eyes, who must be changed or damned?

Baxter is unapologetically blatant with his audience, and I appreciate his brutal honesty greatly. He talks about caring for one’s own salvation, caring for the flock, preaching, governing the church, and many more ‘pastoral’ duties. But he brings the steak, not the oatmeal, as we say ’round here at Harmony. He doesn’t add any fluff, that’s for sure. More difficult to read simply because of the style (17th century English), it is definitely well worth it.
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Publius said...

Richard Baxter denied imputation and believed man was saved by good works. Why do you insist on promoting him?