November 29, 2007

From the desk of Phil Ryken ...

Here's a comment from Pastor Phil Ryken, recently posted at the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals Reformation 21 Blog, that I didn't want you to miss - Thanks, Phil.
"Banner of Truth has republished a nice little book of selections from Samuel Rutherford's marvelous pastoral letters. The book is called The Loveliness of Christ, and it looks to be ideal for devotional use. Here is one of Rutherford's gems:"If there were ten thousand, thousand millions of worlds, and as many heavens full of men and angels, Christ would not be pinched to supply all our wants, and to fill us all."
Phil Ryken, Senior Pastor
Tenth Presbyterian Church, Philadelphia
To access this comment directly, CLICK HERE.
For more information, or to purchase this book at 25% discount from Banner, CLICK HERE.


Publius said...

Why don't you print Rutherford's good stuff? For example, where is "Spiritual Antichrist?" Those letters are not representative of the real Rutherford.

Anonymous said...

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