November 30, 2006

Do you mind ...

... if I share with you God's challenge to me? Some of our staff is reading through "They Were Pilgrims," by Marcus Loane and are now in the first of its four short biographies. David Brainerd's life was filled with such hardship and pain and sickness; I am ashamed at some of my own complaining. And in the midst of all that, by God's grace to be sure, he kept such sweet and intimate fellowship with God. Give thought to some of what he wrote:

"Filling up our time with and for God is the way to rise up and lie down in peace."

"My soul was now tender, devout, and solemn. I was afraid of nothing but sin; and afraid of that in every action and thought."

"Such fatigues and hardships as these serve to wean me more from the earth, and I trust will make heaven the sweeter."

I have yet to grow tired of reading or being deeply challenged by those statements - filling up my time with God and for God - being afraid of nothing but sin; and really fearing sin - seeing the "fatigues and hardships" of my life as things which are weaning me from "here," and preparing me for "there." Hmmmm.
There isn't much else to say, is there?