November 6, 2006

A Blank Valley of Vision?

My friend, Tony Reinke, over at The Shepherd's Scrapbook blog is at it again, combining books/Bibles with a good ol' fashioned table saw - Jonathan Edwards style, of course - to produce something that I wouldn't mind having myself, a blank Bible. Visit Tony's site if you don't know what that is. In the meantime, here's a little secret for you. Tony's been entering my Banner of Truth inbox throughout today and, based on an earlier suggestion on his blog and another from my middle daughter, I decided to send him several "The Valley of Vision" books (an incredible collection of Puritan prayers and devotions) and let him saw them apart to create a blank "The Valley of Vision!" I can't wait to see the pictures, and receive one of the first ever blank Valley of Vision books!
Speaking of "The Valley of Vision," I just got off the phone with a truck driver on his way to our warehouse from the port of New York with nearly 15,000 leather Valley of Vision books. For those of you who have been waiting for your order, your wait is just about over!
Grace & peace,
ADDENDUM: They've arrived! Guess what WE will be shipping in the morning!


JMR said...

huh...i like the idea with bibles, definitely. i don't know how it would work with "valley of vision," though. i think i would use it more as a reflective journal, as opposed to space in which to take notes, per say.

hello, by the way.

Steve Burlew said...

Yes, I know what you mean, Josh, and I think that's what I would see it being used for as well. It is not Scripture where one might study each word, but instead reflections of the souls of godly men whose heart beat with a passion for God that I yet to reach. But perhaps such blank pages would help me track, and better yet accelerate my progress.

And, oh yes, hello to you, also. Good to hear from you.

Anonymous said...

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