November 15, 2006

Banner of Truth Top 50 Sellers - Last Six Months

OK, during the next couple of days, I'll be counting down the Banner of Truth books that you have apparently been buying the most of, listed in reverse order according to the number of copies shipped during the past six months. Keep visiting; I'll soon get to #1.
#41. Discovering God's Will, by Sinclair Ferguson - Including, "Marriage?"
#42. Dying Thoughts, by Richard Baxter - Phil. 1:23, doubts/fears of dying
#43. The Christian in Complete Armour, Vol. 2 - A life-changing work.
#44. Religious Affections, by Jonathan Edwards - Revival!
#45. Communion with God, by John Owen - Made a bit easier to read.
#46. The Westminster Confession of Faith - Speaks for itself.
#47. The Christian in Complete Armour, Vol. 3 - Good to the end.
#48. The Forgotten Spurgeon, by Iain Murray - The man and his beliefs.
#49. Let's Study Mark, by Sinclair Ferguson - A GREAT series!
#50. Christian Love, by Hugh Binning - Based on John 13:35
Numbers 31-40 will be coming in the next post.