November 27, 2006

Taking you "Through the Year..."

A few weeks ago, I was alone in my car with Sinclair Ferguson. I knew we were about to receive this new book, "Through the Year with William Still" and, while most people here wouldn't recognize the name, I knew Sinclair spent time with Mr. Still. So I asked Sinclair about him, and do you know what he told me? With all of the compasssion that I so often hear in Sinclair's voice, he said that William Still is the man who has had the greatest spiritual impact on his life! "Really?" I said. Sinclair went on to say that Mr. Still pastored the same church in Scotland for fifty years, preached through the Bible three times and wrote out notes on the whole Bible twice. Interestingly enough, as I sat there in my car listening to Sinclair, an unseen book with an unknown name on the cover became something I couldn't wait to get my hands on! And today I did, for the first time. The truck has come and gone, and "Through the Year with William Still" has taken its place here in the North America warehouse of Banner of Truth. The readings are based on Mr. Still's study, a man that Sinclair wrote, "seemed to live in the Bible." They are relatively short and each one is dated. And they begin January 1 with God's revelation in Genesis and continue through the Old and New Testaments to December 31, "Amen. Come, Lord Jesus." I just wish I had gotten this book earlier; now is the time for people to get hold of this to really use it well through the coming year.
Grace & peace,


Matthew Cochrane said...

Sounds great Steve. I am forever wondering what books to read next and your recent top 50 list helped a great deal. This sounds like another book I should be adding though to my ever-increasing "Must Read List".

Steve Burlew said...

Hey, Matt - Good to hear from you, both here and via email. I appreciate, and welcome, the contact. I'm glad that list helped. If you have any questions at all about any of Banner's books, please, just ask me. I haven't read them all (I'm sad to say!), but I can certainly give you some added information that might help you make a decision, ok? In the meantime, keep reading!
Grace & peace to you, brother.

Peter Foxwell said...


I was privileged to sit in Mr Still's congregation from 1977-1979. I was a new convert and a student at the University of Aberdeen. The power of the anointing on Mr Still was immense. There were moments of holy hush during some sermons. In the evenings he preached through Romans and God used those sermons to change the course of my life. I came to know a holy, glorious, majestic God. Praise God for Mr Still.

Steve Burlew said...

Peter - I don't know what to say, except, "Thank you!" I am so glad you shared that with us. What a privilege God gave you to be able to see and know a genuine man of God whose heart apparently beat with a passion for righteousness. I am looking forward to my family's "quick-few-minutes-around the-kitchen-table" come January 1. May we, and others, glean a portion of what you experienced from this godly man as we open and read through this book in the coming year. God bless you, Peter!