November 22, 2006

Banner of Truth Top 50 Sellers - Last Six Months

OK, here's the grand countdown finale. I guess to follow the same order, I have to give you #1 first (or #1 and #2, in this case). Does it come as a surprise? If you haven't yet encountered it, give up some potato chips or something for the next few weeks and pull your saved pennies together to get "The Valley of Vision." Also, I just said to our staff here at Banner of Truth in Carlisle, PA that I personally think a close second to The Valley of Vision is Pastor in Prayer, a collection of some of the prayers that C.H. Spurgeon prayed during the morning worship services. I got caught up in one just yesterday while moving some books. Quite honestly, I think Pastor in Prayer is one of the many hidden jewels still waiting to be discovered within the Banner warehouse.
Anyway, here's the top ten from the past six months.
#1. The Valley of Vision, Arthur Bennett, editor; Leather- I've already told you about this one. Skip the chips; buy the book! :-)
#2. The Valley of Vision, Arthur Bennett, editor; Paperback - Ditto!
#3. The Reformed Pastor, by Richard Baxter - I think this is one of the first Banner of Truth books I ever bought, years ago. The same copy is still on my shelf, and it hasn't lasted this long because it hasn't been read! It really is "one of the best known classics on the work of the Christian ministry."
#4. Let's Study Luke, by Douglas Milne - In all honesty, I could say the same thing about any book in this Let's Study series. In my personal study, right now, I'm working through the Gospel of John with Mark Johnston's Let's Study John. Granted, I know Mark; he's one of our Banner's Trustees. But even without that, I think anyone would have the sense that Mark or Sinclair or Derek or whomever is right there with you, sharing a cup of coffee in addition to some great insight into the Scripture that you've just read. I really do suggest that people start off the new year, either alone or in a small group, with a fresh commitment to get into the Word with a Let's Study book at your side (can I help it that I really do like and use these books?!?!).
#5. Mortification of Sin, by John Owen - Wow, what do I say about this one? I guess I'll be open with what you already know based on Scripture ... I still struggle with sin. And this book by Owen (abridged and made a bit easier to read) deals with that very struggle and provides some real encouragement that has made a difference, for me and, based on what I hear at conferences, alot of other people, too. It's a great book to jointly read and discuss with a buddy that you can be accountable to.
#6. The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, by J. Burroughs - We all know 1 Timothy 6:6, "Godliness with contentment is great gain." And that it is. Sadly, however, it is still a rare jewel among the church. Perhaps Burroughs can share his path to enjoying this rare jewel.
#7. Getting the Gospel Right, by Cornelis Venema - New in 2006, this is a concise summary of the issues surrounding what some have been offering as "new perspectives" on Paul. Venema's longer analysis of this issue was just released by Banner, titled "The Gospel of Free Acceptance in Christ."
#8. All Things for Good, by Thomas Watson - A year ago, at our church's camping weekend, my Sunday morning text was Romans 8:28. Interestingly enough, I just referred to it in an email sent to a young guy I met with yesterday at a nearby coffee shop. "And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." This is one great verse to spend a book on.
#9. Doctrine of Repentance, by Thomas Watson - What really is repentance? And how does one really repent? What could be a better use of time that nailing down a solid answer to these two questions? I always enjoy reading Watson.
#10. The Christian Life, by Sinclair Ferguson - If The Reformed Pastor was the first Banner book I ever purchased, years ago, perhaps this by Sinclair is the one I've read the most times. Still together, but well worn, to be sure. What can I say except, "This is just really good stuff."
There you have it. I wish we could just give them all away, but my eldest is on the threshold of college, you know! :-) Keep reading!
Grace & peace,


Russ said...

Thank you very much for listing these books, especially the annotations. I see I already have 4 of the top 10. I'll have to pick up the pace if I want to make a dent on the top 50.

There is something deeply satisfying in switching from potato chips to steak. In my case, the chips are any number of things, newspapers, blogs, etc., which are okay at times; but the steak, John Owens and such, is best best savored and cogitated upon.

Russ Copeland

Steve Burlew said...

I love it. Chips to steak. Isn't that the truth. May God bless you, brother, with the time and ever present taste for the steak. And may we, here at Banner, leave the chip production in the hands of others; there's already plenty of that to go around. For us, may steak continue to be our menu!

John Dekker said...

Thanks for publishing this list! Douglas Milne is my principal, so I've been keeping my eye on it - and all the other Let;s Study books came and went, and I was wondering if Luke made the list at all. ;) But #4 is pretty good...