November 16, 2006

Banner of Truth Top 50 Sellers - Last Six Months

The countdown continues:
#31. Voyage to Freedom, by David Gay - Pilgrims for children.
#32. Lifting Up for the Downcast, by William Bridge - Encouragement.
#33. History of English Calvinistic Baptists, by Robert Oliver - Fascinating.
#34. Grow in Grace, by Sinclair Ferguson - Great for beginners.
#35. Sinfulness of Sin, by Ralph Venning - Seen for what it really is.
#36. Apostasy from the Gospel, by John Owen - Abridged.
#37. The Lord's Supper, by Thomas Watson - Appreciate it even more.
#38. Let's Study Philippians, by Sinclair Ferguson - A great series!
#39. Jerusalem Sinner Saved, by John Bunyan - Grace of forgiveness.
#40. All Loves Excelling, by John Bunyan - The love of Christ.
Numbers 21-30 will be posted next.


KC Armstrong said...

Hey Steve,

What is the distinction between #39 and #41? Is one cloth bound and the other paper?

Still waiting for my t-shirt.

Steve Burlew said...

Well, KC, that would commonly be called a mistake! Thanks for checking up on me. And for those of you trying to figure out what KC is talking about, nevermind, because I've since corrected it.