May 28, 2008

Inside Out at the U.S. Banner Ministers' Conference

How is it possible that a conference's music is hailed as a highlight when it simply includes hymns of the faith and a little bit of piano? Don't you need a band? A worship leader? A worship team? And yet, each year I hear the same thing from guys who, with hymnal in hand, were ready to sing, but were so overwhelmed at the sound of the first note that they just couldn't. Thanks Nathan Eshelman for trying to capture this (link below), but having been in that chapel today, I have to tell you, it simply cannot be fully captured in a recording! Listen to Nathan's recording and see some other pictures here (but where's the pic of Tim and me?):
Overall, day two went very well. Our warehouse manager began his day at 4:00 a.m. and me, an hour later, as we got the conference book room restocked with Banner of Truth books. Between the sessions and the fellowship - some great talks - it seems to have been very beneficial to many guys. And the word is now "out" as to next year's conference ...
The Dates: May 26-28, 2009
The Speakers: Sinclair Ferguson, Allistair Begg, Walter Chantry, Bill Edgar
The Reasons to Come: Rich spiritual nourishment from the Word of God and close, personal fellowship from other men in the ministry, either as pastors, elders, deacons, chaplains, missionaries and seminary students.
I hope you'll get it on your calendar now for May!


michael said...

Do you know if the audio will be available from this conference? Many thanks.
Michael in Edinburgh

Steve Burlew said...

Michael -
Thanks for your comment; sorry for my delayed response. Yes, indeed, audio of this year's Banner of Truth's U.S. Ministers' Conference is available from Sound Word. Their Web site is They are selling individual sessions at the U.S. dollar prices of 5.00/mp3 and $8.00/CD. Or you can buy the complete conference set at the U.S. dollar prices of $50.00/mp3 set or $77.50/CD set.
I hope that helps.

michael said...

Thanks Steve. Just picked up 'Our Present Needs.'