June 7, 2008

Sping is Done; Summer is Here

I knew going into it that this year's Spring season was going to be an incredibly busy one. With a desire to reach out to the younger generations as well as a desire to keep Banner of Truth visible and "in your faces" at the major conferences attended by a good number of people, I added a number of conferences to the schedule that Banner either had not been to for some time or never attended at all. So there we were at the Desiring God Pastors' Conference; there we were at the Shepherd's Conference; there we were at the Ligonier Conference; there we were at the Together for the Gospel Conference; there we were at the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology; in addition to the close-to-home Christian Homeschooling Association of Pennsylvania Conference and our own hosted Banner of Truth U.S. Ministers' Conference. Minnesota, California, Florida, Kentucky, Pennsylvania. Whew. I hope you've received the message that Banner of Truth is reaching out to the church in a variety of ways, still providing "Biblical Christianity Through Literature," as our tag line so accurately says. If the book bears the Banner of Truth logo, by the grace of the Lord, you can still rely on its contents. I wish that could be said of many other publishers, but sadly, it cannot. The likelihood of a newly released Banner title making the New York Times Bestsellers List is probably not even measurable, but that's not our goal. Our goal is to impact the church and to facilitate its revival. So ... be it one of the new and little Pocket Puritan Series books or something like the newly released 2-volume "Calvinistic Methodist Fathers of Wales," you can be absolutely assured that it will be a good, and valuable, and potentially life-changing read!
As for the immediate future? I'm off to Dallas early Monday morning to take Banner of Truth to the 2008 PCA General Assembly. If you'll be in Dallas, be sure to stop by Banner to say hello.
Grace & peace,

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