May 27, 2008

The U.S. Banner of Truth Conference is Underway

Today kicked off the 2008 U.S. Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference, a gathering of "men-in-ministry" that's been going on for years. If you'd like to follow the main events of the conference, I'll direct you to any number of bloggers who are with us this year, some of which include the following (any others, please let me know) ...
Tim Challies (,
David Bissett(,
Nathan Eshelman (,
Michael Dewalt (
Dan Layman (
Obviously my perspective is bit different: behind-the-scenes, you might say. And from where I sat (or stood), it was a little hectic, as all first days are (I still can't believe I got lost between Carlisle and Grantham!), but relatively smooth. We've increased the number of titles in the conference bookstore by more than 100 as compared with last year alone. Discounts were good, but got even better since Iain Murray did his bookstore tour. What a delight to listen to this man share his own personal insight into so many of these books! But I think I would say that a big "stand out" feature of the day was seeing and participating in a number of reunions between brothers in Christ. This may be hard to believe, but these guys really do develop some pretty close friendships at this event, friendships that continue through the year and are then rekindled at the next Banner conference, year after year. Like I've said before, I haven't been to many conferences that resemble this. To share one example, one young guy who just graduated from college two weeks ago came up to me tonight after dinner, visibly excited, even exuberant. He is seeking the Lord's guidance and direction regarding his future and apparently he shared that with the guys he sat with at dinner. To his surprise, I guess, these other guys really rallied around him, encouraged him and even prayed for him, right there, together, in the college dining hall ... guys he didn't even know and had never met before. "This is so great," he exclaimed! And I thought, "Yeah, you know something, it really is!" If you're not among us, perhaps next year!
Well, since we're restocking the conference book room at 6:00 or 6:30 in the morning, I guess I'd better get some sleep!
More to come ...


Rebekah said...

My dad Richard is attending... :) I know he will have a great time!

Rileysowner said...

Hey Steve, I am at the conference, but have not seen you around yet. You asked last year who I am, and did not remember chatting with me, so I thought I would be more intentional this year. But, I have not been able to find you.

mkuivenhoven said...

Hey Steve,
I'm missing Banner in a bad way this year, as well as missing our conversations and company. God bless in a busy week!

Rileysowner said...

Oh, I am also blogging this.

Steve Burlew said...

Jim (rileysowner), I'm glad we finally connected. Thanks.
And Marten ... ugh, i can't believe you're not here. Next year?