May 2, 2008

Pictures from T4G

It was definitely an interesting week in Louisville recently, as the every-other-year Together for the Gospel conference converged upon this Kentucky city.

Here's where most of my time was spent - the conference bookstore!

The Together for the Gospel bookstore was quite the caverness place!
you were among the 5,500 people there, you well understand what I mean. How good to see the Banner of Truth billboard standing in the midst of it all!

And how good to meet so many people, young people in particular, who stopped to visit and
either expressed appreciation for the work of the Banner or, in some case, got to hear about Banner of Truth for the first time.
I'm pictured here with Bo and Cam, a couple of guys from Eastern Kentucky University. Actually all of these pictures are courtesy of these guys (thanks). Uhhh, I'm the one in the middle, in case you weren't sure.

It was a good, yet busy time!


Andrew Randazzo said...

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Cam said...

man steve these pictures are sweet, where in the world did you get these?

Steve Burlew said...

Sweet, indeed, but where in the world DID I get this? But wait, I gave you credit.
Is it time for a road trip yet?