May 13, 2008

Praying for the Upcoming Conference ...

It's great to begin seeing the anticipation of the upcoming Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference among pastors who blog. Here's one recent post, from Jim in Canada.
If you cannot be at the conference, I would certainly welcome your prayers for the guys who are coming. Thanks.
Jim wrote, "It is only two more weeks until our group leaves for the Banner of Truth Minister's Conference. I can already feel the anticipation growing. I have been very drained from a very busy couple of months. Even when it wasn't busy, I found that I have been spiritually flat. God has been gracious in that sermons did get written every week, but each week the task became more and more difficult. Just knowing I will have some time off to recharge is encouraging. Knowing that, DV, I will be doing that under the preaching of God's word with other men who serve as pastors, elders, and those who are studying to do so, is something I look forward to even more."


Ryan said...


I spent part of yesterday in a Baltimore hopsital with my mom who is recovering from pneumonia. When her pastor came to make his hospital visit, both of us shared our anticipation of the conference! Looking forward to seeing you and all the brothers there.

Rileysowner said...

Thanks for the link to my blog Steve. My anticipation of the conference is growing as the days pass. Hopefully we will meet this time in a way that you remember who I am.