May 19, 2008

A NEW SERIES from Banner of Truth!

A new series of books has been released and is now available from Banner of Truth. It's called "The Pocket Puritans." Check it out at:
I happen to have already received a copy of all four of the initial titles in this series and readily see how each would be perfect to always keep on hand and give away, to help in each area addressed, but also to easily introduce others to the Puritans. Each book lists for $6.00, but with the Banner 25% Web order discount, they're just $4.50. Imagine, $4.50 for a great little book that's small enough in size to fit in any normal shirt pocket, with or without one's pocket protector ... but its content is huge! Enjoy!
The New POCKET PURITANS Series, from Banner of Truth:


jc said...

"We're sorry, but this book is not available from Banner of Truth in the UK."
How can I see the USA/Canada version of the site?

jc said...

I deleted my browser's cookie.

This series reminds me of CCEF's $3 Resources for Changing Lives pamphlets.

Paul said...

Steve, are these pocket books, abridged or edited versions of works by Flavel and others?

Anonymous said...

What's on tap for future releases in this format?

Steve Burlew said...

JC - Patience; just give some time for the shipment to get there; they're coming!

Paul - Two are. Here's the information from inside the title pages ...

"Anger Management," by Richard Baxter -- "Adapted and paraphrased from Baxter's 'Christian Directory' by Richard Rushing";

Living Faith, by Samuel Ward -- "Adapted and paraphrased from 'The Sermons of Samuel Ward' by Richard Rushing";

Heaven, A World of Love, by Jonathan Edwards -- "From Jonathan Edwards' 'Charity and Its Fruits'";

Impure Lust, by John Flavel --"From Flavel's 'The Harlot's Face in the Scripture-Glass'"

As for the future? I think you can expect this to be a growing series, but I haven't the details on specifically what to expect next.

JamesL said...

I received the Flavel book yesterday in the mail. It also includes a brief biography on him in the back. The one that includes the Robert M'Cheyne anecdote on Luke Short. Good to go!


jc said...

How's you get the book so quickly. Aren't these new books?

JamesL said...

I talked to a lady at Banner a week ago and they had just arrived. I placed an order on the phone for the Flavel booklet.


CPCC Pastor said...

I was just calling around for the HEAVEN BOOKLET, when I heard it was in this series! Great. We've just had a family loose a child (suicide), and this booklet is a wonderful aid to those who grieve. I will need 3-4 copies next week at the conference to restock my shelf.