March 5, 2007

Thank you, "Blogger Richard"

"The Life of John Murray" (the book jacket is at the left here) will be released next month. Fortunately, a fellow blogger (Richard) noticed, from my post below, that we had made an error; the back jacket cover had John Murray living until 1974 instead of 1975. Thanks to Richard's comment, I was able to get to our Edinburgh, Scotland office early this morning and, if you look at the next image ...........

.......You will see from this blow-up of the REVISED back cover that our graphics designer (in Texas) has already changed our mistaken 74 to 75 (see the first line after John Murray's name?), and it's off to the printer! "Blogger Richard," email me ( your address; I will send you a complimentary copy of this new release (or another Banner book) for helping us out. Much appreciated!

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jc said...

Sharp eyes, Blogger Richard!!!