March 22, 2007

Coming This April - #7 of 8

Her Husband's Crown
by Sara Leone

Here's what will be the newest addition to the Banner booklet series - to be released in a few short weeks.
Although much has been written to prepare men for the work of the Christian ministry, there is comparatively little in print that will help prepare the minister’s wife for her role within the church.

The pastor’s wife is neither ‘The First Lady of the Church’, nor just another member of the church. She has certain basic responsibilities laid upon her and this booklet aims to encourage and help her to serve the Lord alongside her husband.

Although written primarily for pastors’ wives, this booklet will encourage Christian wives in general and will stimulate prayer for and support of pastors and their wives everywhere.


Noah Braymen said... soon as you get this I need to hook up with you to get a copy. This is the first MUST BUY of the list for me! (The other titles look good though, don't get me wrong)

The blurb for this made my wife really excited to get her hands on it!

Also, if you have recommendations that would be similar to this for my wife I would appreciate it. She wants to understand her role and what to expect in ministry just as much as I do...if not more...and there's just not that much out there (that I know of)

Thanks brother!

In Christ

Steve Burlew said...

That is great to hear, Noah! Do I have your address? If not, email me at and we'll make sure you get one of the first ones that come in ... just for your wife! :-)

Lydia said...

I am very excited about this! I have been looking for a book on such a topic. What a blessing!

I found your blog via Nate's blog, Presbyterian Thoughts.

Thanks so much! (This is Nate's wife)

Steve Burlew said...

Good, Lydia, I'm glad you found me. And if Nate is able to join us for the Banner conference, I guess I'll get the opportunity to at least meet him, or so I hope. If you email me your address, I will get you out a booklet right away. You can reach me via email at I hope you are doing well there. Thanks again for writing.

Lydia said...

Why thank you! Nathan has sent you an email. He is really looking forward to the BOT conference.