March 19, 2007


A beautiful baby girl was born to RTS-Charlotte seminarian, Tyler and his wife, their first child! Margaret Grace was born March 15, 2007, at 3:37 p.m. She weighed 7lbs. 11oz. and measured 20 inches! And to quote the brand new dad, "She is amazingly beautiful! Mom and baby are doing really really well!" I was even at RTS last Thursday and Friday; although I didn't see Margaret Grace, I was able to make sure that she has a good start to collecting some great Banner books (they're waiting for you at the bookstore, Tyler). All of us here are very excited for you and your family! Grace & peace. Steve
ADDENDUM - Thanks for the pictures, Tyler. She is a joy!

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Tyler said...

Thanks for the shout out Steve!

For pictures of Maggie go to: