March 16, 2007

From the Library at RTS-Charlotte:

It is GREAT to be here, especially since I'm looking at rain out this window, as compared to 16 inches of snow that's in the process of accumulating back at Banner of Truth in Carlisle, PA! Get shovelling, Austin! :-) Many thanks to Drew and his fellow RTS seminary apartment-mate for putting me up at their place last night! I've set up "shop" for today here in the Library at RTS-Charlotte, met with Ken here in the library last night and will have lunch today with Nick who manages the bookstore here. I am also looking forward to reconnecting with Tyler (has that first baby come along yet?), Brandon and some other guys I've met at conferences over the year. And I hope to get-together with some others, including one of the RTS organizers of what could become "The Banner Classic - Seminary Ping-Pong Tournament," initially with GPTS and RTS-Charlotte participating next month, but perhaps expanding to include Westminster? Covenant? Southern? Who knows! Regardless, it will be a fun event and an opportunity to get some solid books into the hands of a few future pastors and missionaries. Stay tuned for more details.