March 8, 2007

South Carolina / North Carolina Visit

Next week, March 12-16, will be a full one! I'll be on campus Monday at Bob Jones University (BJU), Tuesday through Thursday at Greenville Presbyterian Theological Seminary (GPTS) for their annual conference, and Thursday to Friday at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS)-Charlotte. In addition to that, I emailed our Banner of Truth Ministers' Conference alumni from North & South Carolina and am excited that I'll be able to get together with a number of them; good times to re-connect and hopefully give some encouragement. And in addition to that, as I am one to pick up new relationships every time I travel, I'll get to see several guys that I've met previously at last year's PCA General Assembly - One guy will be coming over from Covenant College and some others in the Charlotte area. Hey, I'm even spending the night with one of those guys, an RTS student, in his apartment; now THAT might be a real adventure (I just remember what my apartment looked like at times during my single days!). But, as I've said before, Banner's not just about selling books. Grace & peace, Steve.


TimBix said...

Hey, I pastor in Spartanburg and hope to attend at least one evening service of the conference. My wife enjoyed your recently printed biography of Elizabth Prentiss. She wrote a review (just for our family) over at It would be nice to meet you. I attended the Banner Conferenec in 2005. We appreciate the good books from the Trust.

Steve Burlew said...

Hi ... is it, Tim? I would love to meet you, to be sure. What night do you think you'll be at the conference? Definitely, please come and introduce yourself to me. I think I'll be spending most of my time around the Banner of Truth tables where the exhibits are. I look forward to seeing you there.