March 1, 2007

Coming This April - #4 of 8 - from The Banner

Jesus Himself: The Story of the Resurrection
by Marcus L Loane

Just looking at the graphic of this new book's cover should tell you that, from The Banner's perspective, something is unique about this title. There's no paper jacket; instead this is being published in a two-color cloth with a gold stamped title. Why? Because it simply needed the different look of a classic devotional book that matched its contents. Here's our "official" publishers' description. As with the others, we should get this in just a few weeks.
In the foreword of this book, Sir Marcus Loane writes, ‘The wonder and glory of the Resurrection are far greater than we can ever conceive. That great drama took place in the silent tomb a great while before it was yet day. No one else was there when God raised Jesus from the dead: no one saw it happen . . . All that was mortal had put on immortality: death was swallowed up in victory. And it was in his risen glory that he made himself known to his disciples . . .’
The chapters that follow are part of a well-loved and life-long pilgrimage for the author. The Resurrection story they recount comes across with a freshness and loveliness that is full of heart-warming fascination.


Anonymous said...

As we've seen with the Jesus-in-a-box controversy this past week, the church could always use a refresher on the Resurrection of Christ. This looks like a treasure. Thanks for the heads-up, Steve.

The Shepherd's Scrapbook

Tony said...

Yep ... we are now needing 4 out of 4 books previewed!

Quick questions--when do you expect all 8 books?