December 8, 2006


Many people don't know this, but I get to give a lot of books away ... free! Well, free to those who receive the books, but paid for by individuals and families and churches all over the world through their donations to Banner's "Book Fund." A short time ago, I got a note from a guy who served on the missions ship, Doulos, telling me of God's work in his life through Banner books in the ship's library. A week ago, I got a hand-made Christmas "card" from Jeff inside a California State Prison thanking me for the same thing and telling me how he's grown spiritually. And just this week, we boxed up several "Reformed Pastor" and other books for pastors in the Philippines and another shipment is on its way to some soldiers and their chaplains serving in Iraq. Oftentimes, we at Banner get to hear the thanks, but it's the donors who really make it happen. So, if you happen to be one of them ... Thanks!
It'll be a busy weekend for us; our family is headed to DC to visit the White House tomorrow! Oh, nothing like "Banner of Truth Meets the President." Just something I've always wanted to do. Don't forget Monday's broadcast interview of Sharon James (see previous posts).
I hope you're doing well.
Grace & Peace,

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