December 23, 2006

Banner of Truth U.S. Christmas Hours

On behalf of Rob, Beth, Debbie, Becky, Jake, Austin and Henri (plus Paul, Jon & Bob who helped in December) ...

Banner of Truth, North America
in Carlisle, PA, USA
Our U.S. office & distribution center is now closed until 8:15 a.m., January 2, 2007, but this blog will no doubt be open through the coming week. So keep stopping by. I'd love to have some of you share with the rest of us what your "Banner picks" would be and why. Also, I'll be posting details soon after Christmas of what's to come at the 2007 Banner of Truth U.S. Ministers' Conference - it'll include a little surprise!


jc said...

Merry Christmas, you all!

Steve Burlew said...

Same to you, JC.