October 28, 2006

The Week in Review

Well, the heavy rains and localized flooding postponed my middle daughter's cross-country districts race this morning. Somehow, I'll have to work that into my schedule Monday.
It was a busy week at our Banner of Truth U.S. office with Banner's Trustees in town, a couple from the U.S. and the rest from the U.K. Sadly, Iain Murray wasn't able to be here; I do look forward to meeting him. I enjoyed several good conversations with our Trustee's chairman, Sinclair Ferguson, and very much appreciated the interaction with each of the others. It is good to spend time with the men at the top of an organization and still come away feeling good about things - such was not the case with my last "Corporate America" employer. One would certainly expect a difference with Banner, and I can certainly testify to you that the difference is in fact very much there!
Coming Next Week? The arrival of thousands and thousands of leather Valley of Vision books - the new print run will be here! - and an overseas container off the ship from Scotland should arrive, plus probably one or more brand new titles, newly released! Stay tuned.


John Dekker said...

I like the idea of the leather Valley of Visions - the book deserves, that I think.

The book seems to have really taken off - I hear lots of references to it online - due in no small part, I presume, to the CD.

Steve Burlew said...

Yes, John, many people are finding that that book is meeting a real need in their lives. For me, it was years ago, when I attended a conference with John MacArthur as one of the speakers. During his message, he said if he had to be on a deserted island with only one other book besides his Bible, that other book would be "The Valley of Vision." That was such an incredibly strong statement that I had to "check out" that book. I soon understood,and agreed, with Pastor MacArthur. And yes, the leather edition is a nice compliment (my preferred one) to the paperback

John Dekker said...

the leather edition is a nice compliment... to the paperback

Yes it is!!!