October 16, 2006


Ever tried calling Banner of Truth's U.S. office early in the morning and gotten the recorded greeting? Ever wondered why? It's because we start each day, before activating the phones, by reading two pages of a "Banner book," followed by prayer. It's amazing how many books you can complete by just reading two pages a day, and this has been a Banner tradition that Jim Eshelman started some 40 years ago! Last week, we finished "Charity and Its Fruits," by Jonathan Edwards; this morning, we started a new Banner booklet, "Can We Know God?" by Maurice Roberts. I'm not sure that many people know about these booklets. Too bad, actually. There are some 38 booklets in print covering such topics as evangelism, prayer, holiness, worship, obedience, grief, discouragement, discipline, and more. If interested in a list, let me know. I may review some in upcoming posts, plus share some of my favorite books. Stay tuned.
Grace and peace!
Oh, by the way, my youngest daughter came in 19th out of 94 cross country runners on Friday. Go Alyssa! :-)

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