October 30, 2006

Another New Book!

As expected, the truck has come and gone, and Banner of Truth here in the U.S. has another new title in the warehouse, "The Gospel of Free Acceptance in Christ," by Cornelis Venema, subtitled, "An Assessment of the Reformation and 'New Perspectives' on Paul." I forwarded the image, description, etc., to be added to the Web site (www.banneroftruth.org) so the basics should be available there soon. Some may have read Venema's shorter work, also published by Banner, dealing with the new perspectives issue - That is a shorter, 112-page paperback summary titled "Getting the Gospel Right." This one's significantly more detailed - a 352-page clothbound study and critical assessment of the issue. Obviously any "first take" on my part will have to wait. Right now, we've got another truck due yet today with our huge reprint of leather Valley of Vision, and we're gearing up for tomorrow's 9:00 a.m. arrival of the ship's container from Edinburgh! I knew it was going to be a busy week!
Grace & peace,
P.S. My middle daughter (pictured with me) ran and completed her cross-country race at Districts today; I wasn't able to get away to watch. She called me right away to say that she had done well. I have to confess; I love my girls!


William E. Turner Jr. said...

This should prove a most valuable book entering into this ever growing debate.


Anonymous said...

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