October 11, 2006

Hot Off The Press

My wife and I have three children, all girls, and for my wife's sake I hesitate to compare anything to the process of giving birth (hey, we guys endured a type of trauma, but admittedly and significantly different!).
But there is an air of excitement whenever our warehouse manager at Banner of Truth U.S.A. gets a confirmation call that another new title is on its way. This Friday, John Calvin's "Sermons on the Beatitudes" will arrive. YES! We've been waiting for this one. Calvin completed this exposition of Matthew 5:1-12; Mark 3:13-19 and Luke 6:12-26 back in 1559, apparently just three months before his death; this will be the first English translation! We've already received a number of backorders, but don't worry. We'll get them shipped as fast as we can!
I'm glad you visited. Any questions, leave a comment or email me.
Grace & Peace!