October 26, 2006

Merry Christmas?

Don't worry, I don't like seeing Christmas decorations in October either, especially when they're really "winter decorations" and their only purpose is to sell more stuff. But behind the scenes in a lot of industries, publishing included, seasonal preparations do need to start ahead of the calendar. That's why I just sent our 2006 Banner of Truth U.S. Christmas mailer to the printer, still on track for mailing November 1st. You may notice a few changes this year. First, it's big - 8 pages instead our usual 4, and each page is very full. I included gift suggestions for those who might be a bit overwhelmed with what to buy. For example, I suggest 7 books "For Him," 6 books "For Her," 9 books "For Children & Teens," and a number of others on subjects like "Christian Growth," "Devotional Reading," and "Bible Study." And something new - "Gift Paks" to help with the pockbook! Don't miss the "Banner Year in Review" with all of Banner's new titles since last Christmas on display. Finally, I'm including five new books, three of which have still not been seen or heard about yet (hint; look at this image of the cover!). If you're not on the mailing list, let me know.
Grace & peace,
PS - Incredible! We just got another call; another new title is on its way. Stop back for details!


John Dekker said...

What sort of books does BoT publish that you can include the "For Him" category?

Steve Burlew said...

Actually, that's a very interesting question, John. I started to reply here as a comment but will make it my next post instead. Just give me a few minutes.