January 29, 2007

Today's Email That Captured My Attention!

I know there are several things that differentiate Banner of Truth from other publishers. But in addition to the obvious, there is also a relational component that is so unique, as in real relationships between us and you. I mean, how many publishers do you really feel personally connected with? And if you know me, you'll understand that I fit right in with that. Case in point ... today's email that captured my attention. It came from Mark, a guy I met last November at the ETS Conference in DC. While new to me, he wasn't new to Banner. We had a great, although brief conversation, and have kept in touch since, even to the point where today, Mark sent me ultrasound pictures of his first little child, only 9 weeks past conception, as a way of announcing to me that they're going to have a baby! I was so excited. No joke - I printed off the pictures and took them downstairs at our Banner office to show all the ladies.
"Now, tell me again ... who is this from?" they asked.
"A guy I met at the ETS conference last November," I replied.
"And he's sending YOU his ultrasound pictures?!?!?!" they exclaimed.
Why do you think they responded like that? I mean, why wouldn't he? Mark's a solid guy who is strong in his faith, AND he's one of many who feel a strong connection with The Banner and, I'm happy to say, a brother in Christ who works here. I of course called Mark right away; such news is just too exciting to keep confined to an email!
Congratulations, Mark & Ruth. We at The Banner really are excited for you both!
Grace & Peace, Steve
ADDENDUM: Since posting the above, I've learned that Mark & Ruth aren't the only ones having a baby. Tony Reinke (Shepherd's Scrapbook blog) emailed me their ultrasound picture today, plus I learned that two RTS guys in Charlotte, Tyler & Jake and their wives, are expecting their firsts, too. Congratulations from all of us here!
ADDENDUM #2: I was very sad to learn that Mark's wife had a miscarriage on Valentine's Day. They would appreciate our prayers.

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