January 4, 2007

Hershey? Portland? Seattle?

Sure enough, I'm taking to the highway early in 2007. Next Monday - Wednesday, I'll be in Chocolate Town - Hershey, PA, USA - for the CPE Conference. Then Friday, 1/12, I fly to the northwestern USA. I'll be in the Portland and Seattle areas through Thursday, 1/18. If you live in that area and want to get together, let me know. I'll be visiting several accounts for Banner of Truth (bookstores, distributors, churches, etc.) in that area. I've never been to that part of the country before, so am very much looking forward to it. Grace & peace!


jc said...

Can you make a detour in Vancouver, Canada?

Steve Burlew said...

Wow. That would be great. But since I AM already covering the miles from Pennsylvania to Washington, might you have some business you need to attend to in Seattle (and grab some "Seattle's Best" coffee while you're there)?

jc said...

Ha ha! Vancouver has "Seattle's Best" coffee, too. Do you have a lot of Banner readers in Vancouver? If so, do you plan on coming here sometime in the future?