January 17, 2007

Portland, OR / Seattle, WA Update #2

I keep getting assured that real winter weather rarely hits Seattle. Then my visit must have come at a rare time! With a good amount of ice on the ground, we awoke Tuesday to several inches of snow. You can tell everyone, including my extended family pictured here in Portland, is enjoying it! It is a great side benefit to connect with family and friends across the country when I travel. We had a good weekend together!
Yesterday's prayer that I read from my "Valley of Vision" is still before me. Whoever was the original pray-er said to the Lord, "My God, I feel it is heaven to please thee, and to be what thou wouldst have me be. O that I were holy as thou art holy, pure as Christ is pure, perfect as thy Spirit is perfect!" Have you ever had the sense that, the further along you get in this spiritual pilgrimage, the distance between where you are and the genuine holiness and righteousness in your life that you desire is still very great? In the midst of everything else today, I'd like to find a quiet place in full view of Mt. Ranier or some other majestic work of God's creative hand, and just marvel in the One who created all things. Is there any possibility that you could do likewise, even though in a different location? His creative power is evidenced all about us, is it not? Grace and peace to you this day. Steve


KC Armstrong said...

Although I live in Alabama and the mountains we have here are only mountains by definition (over 500’ above sea level), I will still indeed have the opportunity to marvel at the wonderment of God’s creation. In fact, my view will be more majestic than Washington’s Mt. Rainer, Oregon’s Mt. Hood, or Alabama’s own Oak Mountain combined. Tonight, before I retire for the evening, I will have the opportunity to gaze into the epitome of the Lord’s handiwork, the only type of which was indeed made “in His image” – the eyes of my dear wife. The one who knows me second only to Jesus Christ with all of my sin and unrighteousness and yet still chooses to love me just the same. What a marvelous picture of grace given for me.

Hurry home, Steve.

Steve Burlew said...

Ah, dear brother. Great thoughts and very, very true. Thanks, friend. Good talking with you from the west coast, too. I'll be home about 20 hours from the moment I am writing this (9:00 p.m. Pacific time), and yes, I am counting! :-)