January 16, 2007

Portland, OR / Seattle, WA Update #1

Greetings from the beautiful Northwest! I flew into Seattle on Friday and promptly drove to Portland, OR for a great weekend with family, plus a visit to Pilgrim Discount Book and Bible Supply Store at 9003 SE Stark Street in Portland where you're sure to find a good selection of Banner of Truth books. "Thank you Bobbi, Jonas and the rest of the staff for a great visit and for providing that area with solid Christian literature." Today I enjoyed a face-to-face meeting (lunch, too) with a new friend and dear brother in the Lord, John Hendryx at Monergism. If you haven't yet discovered www.monergism.com, I encourage you to get there and bookmark that site. It should be a regular stopping place for its great online reading plus access to great books for sale from Banner as well as other solid publishers. "Thanks, John. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed our time together." I also got to connect with Scott, Pastor of New Life Church, at a Borders in the Portland area. Interestingly enough, Scott is a blogger like the rest of us who read online that I was coming to Portland and asked if we could get together; and so we did. "Good to meet you, brother!"
After a few hours in the rental car, I am now in a hotel back in Seattle tonight with a few more customer visits ahead of me during the next few days. This is the kind of a trip that I find to be exciting, meeting and spending some time building relationships with some great people. Thanks to you who have written or even called, assuring me of your prayers as I travel. Know that I'm praying for you as well, seriously. Grace & peace! Steve

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jc said...

Did Pilgrim Discount ask your opinion on the non-Banner books they carry?