December 6, 2007

Within Prison Walls, God Is Working

Daniel, from somewhere within a California prison, wrote us the following letter, which we received a short time ago. I thought you'd be interested in reading it, too.
In case you didn't know, each year, The Banner of Truth gives thousands of dollars worth of books away, to stock prison libraries, to support the work of prison chaplains, to minister to our troops overseas and at home, to assist missionaries and simply to enable someone without financial means to still get and read solid Christian literature ... all possible through the donations of individuals and churches to The Banner of Truth Book Fund. Email me if you'd like more information on how you might give, so that others, like Daniel, might grow.

Dear Brethren,
As Thanksgiving approaches, my heart turns to God with thanksgiving for you. Banner of Truth is by far one of the greatest sources to me of our heavenly Father's love, kindness and grace. How I thank God for you brethren; and I pray that He will prosper and bless all that you do, both corporately and individually.
Being incarcerated, your books have been my chief source of sound doctrine and instruction. That is, in conjunction with the Bible. The fruit of your instruction in my life is evidenced in my call to be Ministries Coordinator and the mentor in an elder's mentoring program here at the prison. God alone has done this, but His means for equipping me has been Banner of Truth.
Thus praise, glory and thanksgiving is given to God for what He has done. And, as often as I pick up a book, thanksgiving will be given to God for all of you in the Banner of Truth family.
Happy Thanksgiving,
2 Cor. 4:7
Thank you so much for this, Daniel. You have encouraged us all greatly through you letter. May the Lord continue to meet your needs and use you for His Kingdom, as His servant within those walls. Grace & peace to you, brother. Steve


Steve Burlew said...

The following was on another blog - I thought I would paste it here for others to read (thanks, Nick) ...
"I would like to call your attention to a letter that an incarcerated brother in Christ has written to the Banner of Truth on account of their generosity in giving books to the inmates. This letter was posted on Steve Burlew's blog Trophies of His Grace and can be read here. Steve is the manager of the North American branch of the Banner and has done a tremendous job of advertising for one of the best (if not THE best!) book publishers. The letter is beautiful and encouraging. What struck me was the way that this prisoner, Daniel, found joy in reading the word of God and the great books that Banner publishes. I realized that he and I find joy in the same things--but he rejoices in it more because of the privilege afforded him in prison. But it also struck me that because of the richness of Scripture and good books about Scripture and Jesus Christ Daniel and I can be in two totally different environments, with completely different circumstances, and still rejoice in the same thing. What a great Savior we have, who has done this work of grace in our hearts. What a testimony to His grace and power this letter is. How often I take for granted the blessings that I have. How many times have I neglected those things that are meant to bring supreme joy to the Christian. The other amazing part of this letter was the way that Daniel expressed his affection for the brethren who had shared these things with him. He expressed a prayerfulness reminicent of the apostle Paul. This is the power of God's grace in the sinners life and a testimony of the ministry of the Banner of Truth to God's children--even in prison."

ed elliott said...

As one who has served in jails and prisons for many years, I can tell you that the vast majority of "religous" materials laying around is either harmful or trivial. Besides teachers willing to take MEAT to these fine young, incarcerated Christians, there is a desperate need for fine Christian literature from publishers like the venerable Banner of Truth

Anonymous said...

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