December 5, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review: "The Works of Andrew Fuller"

BOOK REVIEWED: "The Works of Andrew Fuller
REVIEWER: Allen R. Mickle, Jr., The Andrew Fuller Center For Baptist Studies
THE REVIEW (his words, not mine!): "Attention friends of Andrew Fuller! The Banner of Truth Trust has just released a new one volume edition of the Works of Andrew Fuller (1841 edition). This wonderful, hefty, volume is filled with over 1000 pages of the works of Andrew Fuller, the great Baptist pastor-theologian. In the United States you can order this book directly from The Banner here. If you are in Canada you can order it from the Canadian distributor, Sola Scriptura Ministries International. Don't pass this up! It makes a wonderful Christmas gift for the bibliophile in your home! Open up peoples eyes to the writings of this great but much neglected servant of Christ!"
To access this review directly, CLICK HERE.
For more information, or to purchase this book at 25% off with free shipping from Banner of Truth, CLICK HERE.


Publius said...

Didn't Fuller come close to a Moral Government theory of the atonement? Didn't he deny the natural inability of men to have faith?

Allen R. Mickle, Jr. said...

Fuller used Governmental language (that he adopted from the New England divines following Edwards) but never gave up penal substitutionary atonement.

His view on moral and natural inability is exactly the same as Edwards. Edwards was probably the person that affected his thinking the most. For more on Fuller see the blog, "The Elephant of Kettering" here (

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