April 21, 2007

Meet the Author of "Her Husband's Crown"

Exciting news ... for anyone planning to attend the Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania (CHAP) Convention, May 11-12, in Harrisburg, PA ... Banner of Truth author Sara Leone will be joining me Saturday, May 12, 10:00 a.m. until noon, at the Banner exhibit to sign copies of her new release, "Her Husband's Crown." If you will be at this convention, stop by, meet Sara, and take home a signed copy of one of the Banner's newest releases. Or if you know of anyone coming, please pass the word.
"Her Husband's Crown: A Wife's Ministry and a Minister's Wife," is the newest addition to Banner of Truth's booklet series, brief publications of approximately 40 pages that are rich in content on a certain topic, issue or theme. This booklet, in particular, is a wonderful addition to the growing list of Banner titles with special appeal to women (in recent months, Banner has released the encouraging biography, "Elizabeth Prentiss: More Love to Thee" and the devotional and biography, "Susannah Spurgeon: Free Grace & Dying Love"). In "Her Husband's Crown," Sara Leone does provide encouragement and advice to women whose husbands are in the pastoral ministry. But no one should think this booklet is for pastors' wives alone. As Sara wrote in the introduction,
"Some time ago, I read several books and articles about the call to the ministry and the qualifications necessary for ministers. However I found it well nigh impossible to find much to read on the related subject of the life of a pastor's wife. A balance needs to be maintained between, on the one hand, elevating the pastor's wife to the position of 'The First Lady of the Church,' and on the other, brushing off any particular obligations on her part by claiming that she is just another member of the church. All pastors' wives have certain basic responsibilities laid upon them. My prayer is that this booklet will encourage and help pastors' wives in their practical service for the Lord. While I have written primarily for those who are the wives of pastors, I hope that this booklet will be a blessing to many Christian women in the fulfilling of their own special responsibilities. May you be encouraged to pray for and support your own pastor and his wife."
Chapter headings within "Her Husband's Crown" include:
- Provide a Quiet, Peaceful Home For Your Husband
- Fulfil Your Responsibilities as a Mother, Before Seeking Other Ministries in the Church
- Be a Sympathetic and Confidential Listener to Your Husband
- Be Gentle in Analysing Your Husband's Sermon for Him!
- Always Speak Well of Your Husband in Public
- Be Courteous to All Members of the Congregation, Showing a Christ-Like Spirit to All
- Don't Gossip
- Freely Disagree in Private About Church Policy with Your Husband, But be Tight-Lipped with Other Church Members
- Through Encouragement and Prayer, be Your Husband's Chief Supporter
- Remember that Your Husband is Judged in Part by Your Behaviour - Be an Asset, not a Liability, to Him
- Conclusion
"Her Husband's Crown," at 48 pages, is available in the U.S. for $3.00 from Banner of Truth. Enjoy!