April 24, 2007

OUTSIDE SOURCE Book Review: The Great Gain of Godliness

SOURCE: Jason Button, sharperiron.org
SUMMARY: "Many of the statements I have shared, and more, have been on my mind over the past few weeks as I have been reading this book [The Great Gain of Godliness] and writing this review. Many Christians have ignored the Puritans out of ignorance and/or fear to their own loss. Some have only come in contact with those Puritans who are more difficult to read and have become discouraged about reading any more of them. I would urge you to pick up and read this book. Watson’s style is clear, crisp, and illustrious. He was not only a student of the Word but also well-versed in classical literature and history. These abilities, along with the Holy Spirit as his Helper, have made him an able minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and of the doctrines of grace. I heartily recommend this book to all. You will be brought to your knees. -- Jason Button, sharperiron.com.
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