April 4, 2007

First Review is in for New Puritan Paperback

This is great! It's almost 10:00 Wednesday night. I just got home from church and I see that I got a text message from Austin, one of the guys who works in our warehouse and packing room at The Banner of Truth. He and I have talked about reading this new Puritan Paperback, "Temptation: Resisted & Repulsed," as soon as it arrives. Well, it apparently came in yesterday (I was off), so here's the message Austin sent me tonight, "I am reading the author's preface to Temptation and already I can tell this is going to be a great book!" There you have it. The first review to hit the Net! And I don't even have my copy yet! Thanks Austin; keep reading, my friend! And good night everybody ... More tomorrow. Steve