April 18, 2008

Starbucks Musings After T4G

Sitting in Starbucks at the Louisville airport, I got to enjoy a rare, relaxed conversation with a dear brother who works for another well-known ministry organization. Such relationships are just one of the many "perks" I enjoy from doing what I do. So as we sat there, we reflected back some on the just-concluded T4G. Part of our discussion included mention of the significant percentage of the audience that was so young (and it's not just that I am getting so old!). And we pondered ... just perhaps, might it be possible that the Lord is awakening a new generation? There have, of course, been other signs to this effect as documented in various places. Clearly we at Banner moved a lot of books, obviously good and solid books, hand chosen by Mark Dever and crew. And I also engaged in conversation after conversation with many a young person who exhibited what appeared to be a genuine thirst for the deeper things of God. Oh, may we be so honored as to play some small part in such a grand movement!
Praying towards that end ...


Robbie said...

It was good meeting you this past week. I shared your counsel with my fiancee about visiting you at the warehouse for our honeymoon. I stonrgly doubt that will happen, but I do hope to see you there sometime in the near future.

In Christ Alone,

Tom Coughlin said...

Hey, here is a thought. Those of us who have gone to T4G2008 should commit to making every effort to bring another young man under the age of thirty for t4g2010, and even assist in the cost if necessary. Imagine 8,000 in two years, with 5,000 under 30 and under! The only problem with this is that they outran me for the good seats. I gave it my best, started off with a good spring but I couldn't go the distance!
More power to em! Let's get them out for the next one

Tom Coughlin

Steve Burlew said...

Robbie - You're funny, and fortunate that your fiancee didn't call off your wedding after learning what kinds of counsel you even listen to! I hope all goes well with the wedding, AND honeymoon, AND THEN, after those things are all done ... come visit us at the Banner of Truth!

Steve Burlew said...

Tom - Thanks for the comment. I had heard that the conference organizers hope for 2010 was even higher than that. But I agree, the youngins can have the best seats because I am thrilled to see their passion for the deep things of God. That was an exciting part of my time at T4G. Blessings to you, brother.