April 30, 2008

Not to Sound Like a Broken Record, But ...

This Friday, May 2nd, is the "early bird" deadline to register for the upcoming Banner of Truth 2008 U.S. Ministers' Conference. The price goes up after Friday! I am really looking forward to having Iain Murray with us this year. Also, I had several conversations with Rick Phillips at last weekend's PCRT in Philadelphia; Rick will be with us, too, in addition to others. But I'd like to get away from pushing conferences through the "Christian celebrities." Instead, just know that you'll get solid, reformed, biblical teaching/preaching plus personal fellowship among like-minded guys in ministry that you just don't get at other such conferences.
"Them's the facts!"
You can download a conference brochure and even register online through the link you'll find at http://www.banneroftruth.org/.


Steve Praz said...

Sounds like it will be a great time of teaching and fellowship. I had never heard of Rick Phillips, but truly appreciated his teaching at PCRT.

We'll definitely be thinking about Banner and everyone at the conference as we wearily make our way back from New Attitude that week.

It was great to stop by to see you and get to introduce a couple friends. I'll make sure to email a picture so you can add me to the BlackBerry. Hope you and your daughter had a fantastic time in Philly.

An Eshelman said...

Looking forward to being there Steve.
One thing that impressed me with the BOT was the LACK of celebrity feel. I hate that about conferences!

BOT is like a band of brothers learning together and being refreshed by our Lord.

See you in a couple weeks!

Terry Delaney said...


I wish I could make it to the conference, but will be unable to give the way this past semester has gone.

I will be praying for it, though! Will we have access to any of the messages?

God bless!

Steve Burlew said...

Steve - Thanks.
Nate - I understand.
Terry - The messages are recorded each year, and are available through
You will find numerous messages from past Banner conferences, in addition to this year's soon after the conference is finished. Good seeing you in Louisville.