April 5, 2008

Calling Fellow Bloggers ...


Theme: "The Preachers' Task"
May 27-29, 2008 ... Grantham, PA
Questions have been coming in, so here are some answers. Yes, Iain Murray will be with us this year along with Richard Phillips, Craig Troxell, David Campbell, Ian Hamilton.
Also, Tim Challies of challies.com will be here, continuing his daily blogs. It would be GREAT if we could spread the word through the blogging community about this event. Invariably, after it's all over, I'll hear from some disappointed guys who would have come if they had only known! Here are some pictures of last year's conference. If you're a "man in ministry," as in pastor, elder, deacon, missionary, chaplain, or preparing for such as a seminary student, download the brochure HERE, or register online by clicking HERE. The price is certainly right (make sure you know it includes lodging and meals, plus more!). We would absolutely love to have you a part of this Banner of Truth event. Questions? Let me know.


Rileysowner said...

I had already done so, and will do so again. However, my vast readership of about 12 regulars probably won't make a huge difference. Then again, I have gotten a couple of men to come, one who is coming for the second time this year.

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