February 8, 2007

New Titles Are In The Works

At this point, I can tell you that eight (8) new releases are in the works for a March/April '07 release. Stay tuned for more details.
ADDENDUM (Monday, 2/12/07): Tomorrow, I'll begin posting some of the preliminary descriptions for Banner's Spring '07 releases. Remember, we're still in the publication process so things are subject to change - although we're obviously far along in that process so I don't expect any! With eight new titles coming "down the Pike," this could take a while so keep coming back!
Grace & Peace,


Noah Braymen said...

Dude...that's the ultimate teaser...new projects as in new works...or new discoveries of old works...or new edited versions of old works. I'm hanging on a thread over here:)

In Christ

Steve Burlew said...

Wow. You know, you're right, Noah. My apologies. I'll try to get you some more info on Monday. Sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

Any update yet?Can't wait...

Steve Burlew said...

Sorry! It's called an ICE STORM. I'm accessing the net now from my stranded location using my blackberry as a modem. Ugh! I'll do my best, but remember, the development of patience is a good thing!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I forgot about the weather. Hang in there brother!


Anonymous said...

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