February 6, 2007

Ministers' Conference Registration Now Open!

I realize that there are many conferences around, but as you might imagine, Banner of Truth isn't out to provide just more of the same. Instead, the annual Ministers' Conference is unique on multiple fronts. First, it's for men in ministry (pastors, elders, deacons, missionaries) along with guys who are preparing for such (students), and we feed them with choice, prime spiritual nourishment directly from God's Word. No seminars on how to make your bulletin prettier. No tips to grow your attendance. Our goal is to feed those who have been feeding others for the past 51 weeks; it's good, solid preaching - living water for some dry and thirsty men of God.
A second unique feature - The fellowship. You see, we live and eat and worship together for the duration of the conference. We stay in on-campus housing. We eat in the college dining hall. The group doesn't split up for meals or lodging. Everyone sticks together. And the fellowship that results, including late night talks about the Word, life, minstry, etc., is precious!
A third unique feature - The worship. No, there isn't a band, or worship team or new songs. Instead, you'll find yourself surrounded by the sound of hundreds of men singing some of the great hymns of the faith with little or no accompaniment whatsoever. Trust me; it's incredible!
Additional conference perks? ALL Banner books are available at hefty discounts. You get a $30 gift certificate when you walk in the door, plus three new releases from Banner, plus a Ministers' Conference polo shirt, plus a one-year electronic subscription to the Banner of Truth Magazine! Need I say more? You get your registration, your lodging, your meals, the gift certificate, the free books, the polo shirt, the magazine subscription, the fellowship, the worship and the prime, choice spiritual nourishment for just $220 ($100 for students) IF you register before 5/1/07 - $240 ($120 for students) after that date. Just click on the brochure image to access a PDF of the brochure, or click here to go right to the online registration page.
It would be GREAT to meet you and have you join us, May 29-31, 2007, on the campus of Messiah College, Grantham, PA. Let me know if you have any questions. Grace & peace. Steve (steve@banneroftruth.org)

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Matthew Cochrane said...

Makes me wish I was in the ministry!