February 23, 2007

Coming This April - #2 of 8 - from The Banner

The Life of John Murray
by Iain H. Murray
Here's our "Publisher's Description" of another soon-to-be-released title, come April '07, making this again available from Iain Murray.
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Professor John Murray (1898-1974) was recognized in his own lifetime as one of the leading Reformed theologians in the English-speaking world. Born in Scotland, he served in France during the First World War, before pursuing studies, first at the University of Glasgow, and then at Princeton Theological Seminary, USA. In 1929 he was invited to teach Systematic Theology at Princeton, and did so for one year, before joining the Faculty of the newly formed Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia. There he shared with such scholars and Christian leaders as J. Gresham Machen and Cornelius Van Til in the great struggle to maintain the old Princeton tradition in theology, represented by the Hodges and B. B. Warfield.
John Murray remained at Westminster until his retirement in 1966. He returned to his native Scotland, married and enjoyed a brief period of fatherhood prior to his death in 1974.
A careful scholar, an eloquent lecturer, a moving preacher, and the author of many outstanding articles and books, Murray’s driving passions were for Christ, his Word, his cause, and his people.
The Life of John Murray, published originally to accompany the four volumes of his Collected Writings is now available again separately in this popular and reset edition.


James L said...

This is like the prayer request that gets answered without me actually asking for it in the first place. I remember reading a short time ago about how Professor Murray prayed in such a solemn powerful manner before class (I think) and it made me want to read a biography on him. However, I wasn't in a position to get his works to do so.

Steve Burlew said...

EXCELLENT, James. That's great to hear. If you'd like, send me your email address and I'll shoot you a note when we get it in the warehouse (you can email me at steve@banneroftruth.org).

Noah Braymen said...

This will be great news...although i can't buy it for a while.

James if you want to hear John Murray preach and pray click this link http://www.sermonaudio.com/search.asp?speakerOnly=true&currSection=sermonsspeaker&keyword=John%5EMurray

His prayers were truly powerful!

In Christ

KC Armstrong said...

Speaking of his prayers...I listened to Murray's sermon on 2 Tim 3:16-17 awhile back, and the man prayed for EIGHT MINUTES before he began to preach!! In the grand scheme, eight minutes isn't that long, but when most sermons run about 25 minutes these days can you imagine if 1/3 of that was spent in prayer?!?! Could be a biblical model to follow here...

Steve Burlew said...

That's interesting, KC. Hmmmm, I know we publish a collection of Spurgeon's prayers titled, "Pastor in Prayer," which I have frequently referred to as a somewhat undiscovered gem, second to the popular "Valley of Vision." Maybe a collection of Murray's prayers would be something to look into. Sounds like it would only take a few to fill a book, yes?

richard zuelch said...

John Murray actually died in 1975, contrary to the date given in the blurb you posted. Hope the book cover won't say 1974!


Steve Burlew said...

Richard - Sure enough, you are right. I will check in with Edinburgh a.s.a.p. to see if this is what actually went to the printer's for the printing of the book's jacket. Email me (steve@banneroftruth.org) your contact information and I'll send you a free "The Life of John Murray," if you'd like, as soon as we receive it. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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