March 19, 2008

The Wonder and the Glory!

I'm back in the Carlisle, PA office and warehouse for Banner of Truth after being at two conferences and getting an incredible number of books into the hands of many people. Several of those books are especially fitting for this week, one of them being Banner's recent release, "Jesus Himself: The Story of the Resurrection" by Marcus L. Loane. I hope to spend some time in this book here during the next few days. Join me in it, won't you?
From the Foreword:
"The wonder and glory of the Resurrection are far greater than we can ever conceive. That great drama took place in the silent tomb a great while before it was yet day. No one else was there when God raised Jesus from the dead: no one saw it happen. there was neither man nor angel as a witness in that sacred moment. He emerged from the grace-clothes and left them lying undisturbed on the ledge. He left the tomb while the stone was still in place at the mouth of the sepulchre. It was later when an earthquake shook the site and the stone was rolled away. When the women arrived, the guard had fled and they found the tomb empty. The grave-clothes were there; angel watchers were there; but him they did not see.
But no one had seen how he awoke from the sleep of death in newness of life. All that was mortal had put on immortality; death was swallowed up in victory. And it was in his risen glory that he made himself known to his disciples."
May you spend this week contemplating on the wonder and glory of the Lamb of God.


Noah Braymen said...


Linds and I have been reading this together the last couple months. This is an excellent book! Thanks for recommending it to me last year!

In Christ,

Matthew Cochrane said...

Great quote Steve! I've been looking for thoughts and meditations on the crucifixion and resurrection to post all week. I'll have to give this book a spot on my growing "must read" list. Thanks.

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